The Amorous Adventures of Janette Littledove (1988)


Native American sexstress Janette Littledove turns in a fabulously erotic performance in this one, a look inside the lusty fantasies of one of the hottest women in 80’s porn. Janette reveals her deepest, most highly charged erotic dreams, which are then acted out, either by her or by other cast members. Things get off to a rip-roaring start when Janette finds herself matched up with a rough and tumble, very dominant lover (played by real-life hubby Buck Adams), who brings a bullwhip and a nasty attitude to their torrid tryst. Other highlights include a fantasy sequence that Janette says is “for the guys.” A pair of gorgeous hotties (Laurel Canyon and Kirian Minelli) knock on Jerry Butler’s door and announce that they’re there to fulfill his every desire — which they do right there on his front porch! Finally, Janette turns up again in a spicy dip into the hardcore pool with Jerry Butler that brings things to a bubbly, energetic close.

Date: February 13, 2018