The Devil in Miss Jones 1 (1972)


Georgina Spelvin plays Justine Jones, a lonely, depressed spinster who decides that suicide is the only way out of her routinely dull existence.[13] While lying in the bathtub, Justine slits her wrists, dying quietly as the water fills with her blood.[14]

Because she has lived a “pure” life, Miss Jones finds herself in limbo. There she meets Mr. Abaca (John Clemens), an angel, of sorts, who informs her that she does not qualify for entrance to Heaven because she has killed herself. Angry that this one indiscretion has left her with only the options of limbo or Hell, she begs Mr. Abaca to let her “earn” her place in Hell by being allowed to return to Earth and become the embodiment of lust.[13] After an intense session of pain and pleasure with a menacing man who goes only by the title of “The Teacher” (Harry Reems),[1][15] Justine has a few bizarre and sexually deviant encounters, the last of which is a graphic threesome.

However, just as she is enjoying her new life of lust, the brief time Justine was given to fulfill herself runs out and she is faced with the eternity of Hell. At first, Miss Jones is horrified at the pain she will be forced to endure, but Abaca is quick to dispel the common human myth of Hell and promises Justine that she will be “quite comfortable…”

Justine, now a raging sex addict, then finds herself confined to a small room with an impotent man who is more interested in catching flies than her.[16] She desperately begs the man for sex, but he simply asks her to be quiet while he listens to the buzzing of his imaginary insects.

Trapped in her own private Hell, Miss Jones is left screaming in agony for all eternity, thirsting for a climax she will never achieve by her own means.

Date: February 15, 2018